Brentmoor Wine Rack And Cork Holder – Holds 3 bottles, Quirky Wine Charms Included


Brentmoor Wine Rack And Cork Holder stores your wine and your ever-growing collection of corks side by side.

Store your beloved wines and corks in this lovely Brentmoor Wine Rack! It is a quaint and interesting wine rack that stores your corks beside it in a very satisfying composition. Revive your kitchen counter, buffet table or living room table with this wine rack!

This Brentmoor Wine Rack features a modern, somewhat simplistic box design. This wine rack can has slots for three wine bottles. It stores wine bottles horizontally so the cork will not dry out and spoil your beloved wine. The cork cage can easily store your corks from previously-opened wine bottles for an eye-catching look. Keep your memento corks and wine in this rack. If you have an interesting wine collection, display them using this Brentmoor Wine Rack!

This wine rack is made out of metal frame and wire mesh with satin black finish. It is very light, sturdy and stable. Its design is sure to have a place in your home. Also includes attractive and very cute wine charms for an instant flair and fun in every sip!

  • Durable and light, all-metal wine rack
  • With a mesh cage to hold corks (and other goodies), and slots for three wine bottles
  • Sleek and compact design
  • BONUS: Six silver wine charms