Brewberry Stainless Steel Automatic Wine Opener - With Foil Cutter, Vacuum Sealer, LED Wine Thermometer, Wine Stopper, And Charging Stand


Open that expensive wine bottle fast with this beautiful Brewberry Stainless Steel Automatic Wine Opener. Celebrate in style!

Brewberry Stainless Steel Automatic Wine Opener is a fully electric device that pops out wine corks in seconds at the touch of a button. It is very easy to use, and it is ideal to use during parties to open wine quickly!

It is sleek and slender and made of stainless steel. It only contains two buttons. The ‘down’ button burrows the corkscrew down the cork that unseals and opens the wine, while the ‘up’ rejects the removed cork out of the device. It is that easy. Furthermore, the wine opener also has a built-in thermometer LED that automatically reads out wine temperature while you open it. No more need for a separate wine thermometer!

To use, simply place the wine opener on top of the bottle at a straight angle, push the button, and the corkscrew pulls out the cork quickly.

The kit comes with an electric vacuum sealer to keep your precious wine fresh for a long time! Both the automatic wine opener and vacuum sealer are electric and recheargeable. The kit comes with a charger that also acts as a stand.

Included items:

  • Automatic wine opener
  • Vacuum sealer
  • Two wine stoppers
  • Wine pourer
  • Foil cutter
  • Charging base
  • User manual

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