Cooko Wine Accesories Gift Set - 9 pcs Includes Stainless Steel Wine Opener, Corkscrews, Thermometer, Wine Aerator, Stoppers, Drip Ring, Foil Cutter


Be a true wine connoisseur with this Cooko Wine Accessories Set!

Need a complete set of accessories to serve your expensive wine perfectly? Use this Cooko Wine Accessories Set and bring your wine drinking to the next level.

It is a complete set of wine accessories needed to serve wine flawlessly. Everything is packed in a single box, so you don’t have to fill a cabinet just to serve wine.

All the things you need for opening, serving and storing wine are here in this set. Talk about convenience!

Each set contains the following items:

  • One (1) Rabbit Style Wine Opener that pops wine corks open in seconds. Made of durable stainless steel overlaid with shiny chrome, this stylish opener pulls out corks effortlessly. You do not have to wrestle the wine bottle to open. Use this wine opener to pop wine bottles every time!
  • Two (2) extra corkscrews. Non-stick coated, so it does not damage corks. Suitable for natural and synthetic corks.
  • One (1) wine pourer and stopper, so wine ends up in the glass, not on your precious tablecloth.
  • One (1) wine aerator, so your wine has the right body when served.
  • One (1) thermometer to serve wines at perfect temperatures.
  • One (1) drip ring (wine collar), to keep air out of opened wine bottle for later drinking.
  • One (1) foil cutter, so you don’t cut yourself tearing that pesky wine foil open.
  • One (1) elegant genuine rosewood box to pack everything together.

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