Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew - With Bottle Opener And Foil Cutter


This very stylish Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew is your perfect tool to open any wine or beer bottle!

Want to have a beautiful wood-finished wine opener that matches your wine? Try this Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew, and you will have a very stylish wine and beer opener in your hands. This tool can easily remove corks from any wine, or pop out beer bottle caps.

You will find how easy this tool pulls out corks. Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew is based on the very reliable corkscrew-and-lever mechanism. The lever latches into the lip of the wine bottle to give leverage to the corkscrew. No cork will be too hard to remove with Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew.

The handle of this Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew has a blade foil cutter that tucks in nicely when not in use. Use the foil cutter to quickly reveal wine corks. Along with the bottle opener, you will have three tools in your hand with Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew.

 Cresimo Rosewood Corkscrew is made from thick polished steel, so it is very durable. It has a comfortable rosewood handle that adds a nice finish to the tool.

  • A 3-in-1 multi tool that is very stylish and easy to use.
  • Toughened corkscrew that will not bore out or destroy corks
  • Double-hinged lever makes it easy to pull out corks
  • With foil cutter tool that easily works out wine foil covers

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