ENOWPO Fully Automatic Cordless Wine Opener – Rechargeable With Built-In foil cutter


ENOWPO Full Automatic Cordless Wine Opener is among the best and hassle-free electric wine openers in the market. Best for parties!

Open wine bottles with ease with this ENOWPO Full Automatic Cordless Wine Opener. It quickly pops open corks out of wine bottles in mere seconds with a touch of a button. Use this if you want to open wines quickly and keep the party going.

ENOWPO Full Automatic Cordless Wine Opener is sleek and modern, made from aluminum alloy shell. It stands upright and is easy to handle. The transparent window enables easy visualization of the removed cork.

ENOWPO Full Automatic Cordless Wine Opener can open up to 60 wine bottles in one charge. This tool is rechargeable and powered by a high-performance Li-ion battery, so there is no need for batteries or hooking it up to a power outlet to use.

  • The corkscrew is attached to a very powerful motor that does all the work for you. It has a built-in foil cutter in the mouth of the device that easily cuts foils in wine bottles without a need for other tools.
  • Ergonomic and sleek design. Opens wines in a push of a button.
  • With LED lights that indicate battery level and need for charging.

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