HQY Luxury Golden Rabbit Wine Opener With Extra Corkscrew


Have a problem opening wine bottles? Open wine bottles easily and perfectly with this gorgeous HQY Luxury Golden Rabbit Wine Opener!

Remove stubborn or fragile corks every time with HQY Luxury Golden Rabbit Wine Opener. Based on the traditional lever and grip wine opener, we made this better by redesigning the lever, so it effectively pulls out corks with less effort!

  • Re-engineered lever action utilizes the best mechanical advantage possible to push the corkscrew deep into the cork, and pull it out in one motion. That’s why it pops out wine bottles every time! It can remove stubborn or dried-out corks (not suitable for synthetic corks).
  • Gorgeous design! HQY Luxury Golden Rabbit Wine Opener is made with zinc alloy plating for a luxurious finish! Zinc alloy does not rush, fade, or tarnish, so it will last a lifetime!  It also fits exactly in your hands!
  • The package also has a specially-designed foil cutter to cut wine foils and keep your fingers out of harm’s way.
  • Comes with its specialized box that you can store or send as a gift. The box contains one (1) rabbit wine opener, one (1) (foil cutter), and two (2) corkscrews.