L'Atelier du Vin Cork Puller, Black


Simple in design, L'atelier Du Vin Cork Puller will be your best friend in popping out corks!

Owned and used a wine opener that murders corks? Reduce the body count (in corks) using L'atelier Du Vin Cork Puller!

A badly mangled cork is a good way to spoil any wine experience. However, cheap and poorly designed corkscrewsare often culprits. Corkscrews bore through corks, but some do much more.

Avoid murduring corks with this L'atelier Du Vin Cork Puller. Unlike corkscrews, this device grabs and pulls out corks. It does not need to create a hole in the cork to do the job.

This L'atelier Du Vin Cork Puller is surprisingly easy to use and requires less arm power than corkscrews. Simply push the longer prong in the boundary between the glass and the cork, and wiggle to push the prongs completely. Pull out with a twisting motion to completely pull the cork out.

Use this L'atelier Du Vin Cork Puller to pull out corks that are weak or brittle. This is ideal for opening old wines whose corks could be crumbly. If you use corkscrews, you will surely end up with bits of cork in your wine.

  • Ideal for opening old wines with crumbly corks.
  • It is also good for opening opened wines resealed again with the cork.
  • Designed and made in France.