Modern Grapevine Design Wine Rack 3-Tier 12-Bottle


Give your wine collection a new life by putting them all into this Modern Grapevine Design Wine Rack

This Modern Grapevine Design Wine Rack is a charming yet very functional wine rack. It is a simple yet stylish way to organize your wines. It can hold up to 12 wine bottles, so it is highly recommended to those who have extensive collection of wines.

It features a light grapevine design that is simply timeless, and reminds you the grapes where wine is produced. Use Modern Grapevine Design Wine Rack to dress up your kitchen, pantry, or living room, or you can put them in your wine cellar. Use it to organize and dress your wine collection!

  • The design of this wine rack has minimal contact to wine bottles. Highly recommended to those who have a prized wine collection.
  • All-metal construction with crafted grapevine décor. Very strong and stable.
  • Can hold up to 12 standard-sized wine bottles
  • It saves lot of space due to its 3-tier contruction
  • Simple and charming design, and suitable for any home.

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