OxGord Stainless Steel Automatic Wine Opener with Extra Spiral and Foil Cutter


Quickly open wine bottles with just one touch!

Upgrade your wine tastings and impress your friends with this newly-redesigned OxGord Stainless Steel Automatic Wine Opener! It is a wine opener with a corkscrew powered by a high-power motor that quickly removes corks out of bottles.

It is powerful enough to pop out embedded or dried out corks. You will not sore your hand or break corks with this one!

OxGord Stainless Steel Automatic Wine Opener is ergonomically crafted, so it fits right in your hand. It will not slip out once you grab it.

This device is very handy to those who are looking to impress guests with wine tastings, individuals with a bar or restaurant business, or to those who cannot open wine bottles.

  • Very easy to use! First, remove the foil from the wine bottle using the included foil cutter. Insert the wine bottle mouth into the device and press the clockwise rotation button to insert the corkscrew and remove the cork.
  • Grab the removed cork and push the counter-clockwise button to free it from the corkscrew.
  • It comes with a stylish foil cutter.
  • Allows you to enjoy your wine and other finer things in life!

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