Rabbit Automatic Wine Opener With Built-In Foil Cutter (Silver)


Simply elegant and highly functional, you will find this Rabbit Automatic Wine Opener very handy in any party!

This slender Rabbit Automatic Wine Opener  will be your best friend whenever you have wine in parties. It packs tough corkscrew run by a very powerful motor. You can use it to open any bottle with a cork.

Simply place it on the wine bottle, and it automatically removes the cork and ejects it out. Rabbit Automatic Wine Opener  can open natural and synthetic corks.

Its metallic design is very elegant. It also stands alone on the table, so you do not have to use clumsy stands.  It has a built-in foil cutter, so it is very convenient. This makes Rabbit Automatic Wine Opener a nice-looking yet functional wine accessory.

It is easy to grab and sized to fit the palm of your hand. You can also fit it inside a handbag and bring it anywhere! Compare it to using traditional corkscrews that will sore your arms.

  • Rabbit Automatic Wine Opener is rechargeable, and it has no need for batteries.
  • It can open up to 30 wine bottles in a single charge
  • No need for a nearby electric outlet to use.
  • Charges using a micro-USB charger

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