Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener (Metallic Red) With Foil Cutter And Extra Spiral


Aside from being handy in opening wine bottles, this Metallic Red Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener is simply beautiful!

Own this very beautiful metallic red Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener to complete your wine experience and impress your friends! Its deep Ferrari-red color is gorgeous, and it will surely complement your wine collection. It simply imbues a stark color contrast in your home or kitchen.

This Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener is based on the traditional lever wine opener. Its curved handle multiplies your hand effort so it drives down the corkscrew deep into the cork.

Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener is easy to use and can easily pull out deep-seated corks in a single pull. Because the corkscrew drives deep, there is no chance of breaking the cork.

Crafted from polished steel, this Rabbit Vertical Wine Opener will last for years. It is almost unbreakable!

  • Its handle is designed to fit in your hands. You will not hurt your hands using this one, even if you pop open several wine bottles!
  • It opens bottles vertically, so there is no chance of spills.
  • It has no plastic parts that can break.
  • It immediately releases cork, so there is no need to fish it out.
  • Comes with a foil cutter and an extra corkscrew

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