TheopWine Barrel Wine Holder – Holds Up to 3 bottles


Own this very beautiful TheopWine Barrel Wine Holder and impress your guests!

Want a nice looking aging barrel to hold your wine? Get this TheopWine Barrel Wine Holder! Stylish and exceptionally attractive, this wine holder gives your wine collection a unique look.

Show to your guests that you love wine by having this TheopWine Barrel Wine Holder. The design of this wine holder is based on the classic wine barrel, the one used in aging wine, along with its curves, staves, and complete with a bung.

This TheopWine Barrel Wine Holder is crafted from metal, so it is very durable. The use of aged metal design gives this wine holder a unique look. The metal stand is very solid, and you are sure that your wine is completely secure.

This TheopWine Barrel Wine Holder can carry up to 3 wine bottles. It is a great décor to dress any tabletop. Use this to showcase your beloved wines from your collection!

  • Very beautiful wine barrel holder.
  • Durable and solid wine holder.
  • Keeps wine sideways, which keeps the cork moist so it will be easy to open.
  • You can also use this to display beer, champagne, and other bottled beverages.
  • Highly recommended as a gift!

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