Simple and quite elegant, this Vintorio Premium Wine Aerator And Pourer aerates and pours your wine instantly!

Want a beautiful pourer to match your expensive wines? How about having a pourer that also aerates your wines? Get them both with this Vintorio Premium Wine Aerator and Pourer.

Pouring wines is sometimes tricky due to the tendency of some bottles to cause drips. This is unacceptable if you are serving expensive wine vintages. Use this Vintorio Premium Wine Aerator and Pourer, and you will serve wine up to the last drop.

This Vintorio Premium Wine Aerator and Pourer has a swan-neck design that makes wine pouring so much easier, without any drips. The notched spout tip prevents wine splashing as you pour it into stemware. It also has a tapered and ribbed rubber gasket to provide an airtight seal to prevent wine leaking out of the bottle.

You will like the fact that this Vintorio Premium Wine Aerator and Pourer also aerates your wine instantly as you serve it. It adds air bubbles to the wine to improve aroma and flavor for that awesome wine drinking experience.

  • A single device that does two jobs, aerator and wine pourer, at the same time!
  • Guaranteed leak-free.
  • Will fit most standard-sized wine bottles.
  • No residue buildup. Can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

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