Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener Gift Set - Includes Aerator, Pourer, Decanter and Foil Cutter


Own this beautiful Kitchy Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener! As a bonus, it includes an aerator/pourer and a foil cutter!

Want the ultimate wine opener set that looks beautiful? This Kitchy Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener is exactly that.

You will love the design of the Kitchy Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener! It is made of shiny steel, so you know its durable and will last for a very long time.

The Kitchy Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener has a curved design everywhere, and it looks very modern and stylish. Use it to match the design of your wines.

And you will also love the included aerator/pourer. It has a ribbed rubber gasket to seal and prevent drips, and it aerates your wine as you pour it into stemware. Use the include aerator/pourer, and you will use it each time you drink wine.

Use the Kitchy Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener to remove the cork from the wine, and put on the aerator/pourer on the bottle before serving the wine. It makes your wine look and taste fantastic!

  • Steel wing wine opener tha is very easy to use in removing wine corks.
  • The ergonomic design makes the wine opener easy to use.
  • Included is the gorgeous wine aerator/pourer.
  • A twin-blade safety foil cutter included.

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